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As a young man I worked with my father in construction welding asphalt fabrics. Years later I studied sculpture in Barcelona, art studies and my past as a worker came together giving shape to my artistic work.


Spirituality began to occupy my interest and merge with my creativity. Through my creations I materialize my desire for freedom. I am obsessed with knowing who I am beyond my ego. I can’t help but disagree with myself and with my society. My greatest difficulty is separating my ego from my being; freeing myself from the created identification that condemns me is my greatest wish.

The material with which I most identify with is undoubtedly asphalt. It is part of my family life and at the same time of our environment constantly. I feel that asphalt is the concrete synonym for capitalism. It separates us from the earth, covers it and hides it. It latches on tightly and is hard to get rid of. Capitalism needs large asphalt cities for the concentration of consumption to work. From that vision, I work the asphalt in a sculptural way.

I feel more comfortable with sculpture installation, I feel more free. I generally work with garbage materials since it seems magical to me to be able to change the perception of an object condemned to oblivion and elevate it to pure admiration, it seems to me in itself a purely anti-capitalist act that questions the structures of what I consider beautiful.

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