It is a painting made up of about 200 asphalt faces.

This work is the main piece of a series of sculptural installations made in asphalt that question capitalist society. It synthesizes (or anticipates) various themes that I develop in other works in the series.

Through Occident, in particular, I am trying to highlight the agony that supposedly “post-industrial” society lives in the so-called “first world”. A place where everything seems to be framed in gold but on the inside, it lacks air and screams are heard.

Drowned in consumption and disconnected from each other. The members of this selfish society, step on each other. Crowded but alone and isolated, they inhabit a depressive society.


It is a suitcase that I found in the garbage and that I impregnated with asphalt.


The luggage refers to the idea of ​​travel, with an origin and a destination.


However, the asphalt, always present, makes movement heavy and difficult,

and makes the object unusable.

With this work I want to represent the frustrated attempts to get out of the limits imposed by society, which end in a loop in which the point of arrival does not differ from the point of departure.


It is an asphalt sculpture made up of 2 elements, several pairs of asphalt-coated shoes and a roll of asphalt cloth.


The roll represents the industrial environment, a place of production.


The shoes that are on top of the roll come to stage the different identities that we create in order to relate and be accepted in capitalist society, identifications that I consider far from the real being of each individual.


Some shoes try to get out of there and try to stop identifying with the established role, to be able to be themselves.


They seek to get away from capitalism, but it is extremely difficult for them; the asphalt continues to cover them and are stuck at every step.